The Latest in Arduino 03

Host James Floyd Kelly discusses a the Arduino ethernet, solders up the mini fume extractor, and reviews a new Arduino book.

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  1. Robocasters Avatar

    the UNO Rev3 is out …
    the UNO Rev3 is out and? no new video…

  2. ThinkLearnSolve Avatar

    the fume extractor …
    the fume extractor is junk,? on batteries, really? how much is that going to last?

  3. mymindsiinc Avatar

    great? video!
    great? video!

  4. loitho2 Avatar

    Thumb up if you saw …
    Thumb up if you saw that he changed of t-shirt between the beginning and the? and of the video 🙂

  5. 92bofaza329 Avatar

    hhhh …
    hhhh nooooooooooooooooooooob try agin u? stoll this video from kipkay baby go to ur mom let him give u some milk nooon baby

  6. MrRedneckfishgitter Avatar

    hot glue?????????? …
    hot glue?????????? this isnt? hh

  7. gelfling6 Avatar

    : either the …
    : either the MakerShed (the Maker shield), Adafruit Industries (The Proto Shield), or several makers on eBay. While on eBay, look-up ‘Arduino? headers’ and you’ll find sources for the male/female extension headers to extend the headers from shorting to the Ethernet socket.

  8. gelfling6 Avatar

    : I concur.. I’ve …
    : I concur.. I’ve done this already, to extend the pins on a the stock ethershield, to allow plugging the protoshield above it, for additional circuitry. You basically end-up with a? ‘Taller’ project, but it’s better than the short-circuit caused by the RJ-45 socket’s shell.

  9. ThinkLearnSolve Avatar

    where can I? find …
    where can I? find the breadboard shield?

  10. 01Alexsimps Avatar

    you can just stack …
    you can just stack some male to female header on top to space the? shields away from ethernet socket

  11. oneman46613 Avatar

    this is filler ! …
    this is filler ! show us the latest!!!!!!!

  12. francisroan Avatar

    i? want kipkay and …
    i? want kipkay and i wish he made videos with arduino

  13. chickenpoper Avatar

    That’s not …
    That’s not expensive at all if you ask me. So if you hate arduino so much why not make your own version of arduino, with your own language, own parts,? etc.

  14. chickenpoper Avatar

    Okay so you realize …
    Okay so you realize the board is open source so you can edit what ever you want and if you wish to re-do the entire board to how you like it, you can. And it’s the best board right now that has support from many people. As for the attraction of idiots, yeah it’s true because people don’t want to have the discipline and take the easy way out which of course? is so stupid if you ask me. Besides how is $27.95 for an arduino expensive??? Because that’s how much the uno costs.

  15. megaman1025 Avatar

    Wait!? There are …
    Wait!? There are arduino phones?!?!

  16. Chryseus8086 Avatar

    The Arduino …
    The Arduino attracts too many idiots, as for a great board that is debatable the software is bloated which gives it an overall slow performance, the official board it ridiculously overpriced for what is on it? and in my opinion it is a bad way to get into electronics, I started with just plain analog stuff like transistors, op-amps and simple digital logic and know far more than most Arduino users I’ve talked to. And yes I can program C/++, Java, Assembly, Ruby, Bash and others.

  17. SquirrelFromGradLife Avatar

    why not just? mod …
    why not just? mod the stand making the fume extractor built in?

  18. chickenpoper Avatar

    I’m totally up for …
    I’m totally up for real electronics too, but why do you have to go hating on it? It’s a great little board for generally anything. It’s like a multi-use tool, it can be used for anything. And I am not a little kid that doesn’t understand electronics, I am going? to a trade high-school for it and will be making 50k a year right away then 85k+ when I go get my engineer’s license. I can already program c++, java, and edit html and lua. Can you program?

  19. pfenech1 Avatar

    And this was an? …
    And this was an? arduino project how?

  20. nelsolla Avatar


  21. askii3 Avatar

    Haha, I have the …
    Haha, I have the same Milky Way poster? on my wall.

  22. killerman4ever Avatar

    @Chryseus8086 …
    @Chryseus8086 Couldn’t agree more. In the beginning they were decent but now they? started to become too much `~XXXxxxxOPEN SOURCExxxxXXXX~`.

  23. matthew21995 Avatar

    BOOOO~~~~ Arduino? …
    BOOOO~~~~ Arduino? Rocks!!!

  24. Chryseus8086 Avatar

    No I think doing …
    No I think doing real electronics is better, Arduino is a toy for little kids who can’t understand electronics.?

  25. chickenpoper Avatar

    Fuck you, you think …
    you, you think pickaxe? is better? Now go crawl under your shame and die slowly and painfully of your miserable existence.

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