LR Mate 200iC Robots Load Gear Grinding Machine – Courtesy of Matrix Design, Inc.

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This video features a pair of FANUC LR Mate 200iC robots, as they are utilized as an integral part of the flexMate 150SX2 Machine Tending System. Designed by FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator Matrix Design, Inc., the flexMate series of robotic loading systems is the latest generation turnkey machine tending system, designed to accommodate a broad range of machine tools and machine tending applications. It is available in single or dual arm configurations, and can be equipped with different FANUC robots depending on application requirements.

In this flexmate system, one FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot is used to pick unground gears from a tray and load a pre-gage. The pre-gage takes four measurements per gear tooth to ensure that the part is acceptable for grinding. FANUC iRVision is used to ensure that the gear is in the correct orientation for the grinding operation. Once the part is gaged, a second LR Mate 200iC robot picks the unground part and moves to the machine tool. The robot picks a finish ground part from the machine, and then loads the unground part. In this cell, both robots are invert mounted to decrease the space required for the cell.

Once the gear is finish ground, the second robot picks the gear and places it on a transfer station. The first robot then picks the finish ground part from the transfer station, and places it back into the tray, in the same position from where it was originally picked. Full part traceability is provided in this cell, with an RFID system to record part information on a data bolt on the tray. The RFID system is also used to ensure that incoming parts were completely processed at previous operations. Additionally, this flexMate system communicates with the customer’s information technology management system and reports such information as part data, system status and tool life.

Many part infeed and discharge options are available. This system is equipped with manual access drawers for SPC and NOK parts. SPC can be on demand or at pre-programmed intervals. A conveyor system is used to transfer trays of gears through the cell, providing many hours of unmanned operation.

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Duration : 0:2:49

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