NASA JPL Robotic Microspines

NASA JPL researchers present a 250-mm diameter omni-directional anchor that uses an array of claws with suspension flexures, called microspines, designed to grip rocks on the surfaces of asteroids and comets and to grip the cliff faces and lava tubes of Mars. Part of the paper, “Gravity-Independent Mobility and Drilling on Natural Rock Using Microspines,” by A. Parness et al., presented at the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

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[youtube 0KUdyBm6bcY]

17 thoughts on “NASA JPL Robotic Microspines

  1. I think this would …
    I think this would take asteroid mining another? footstep closer to being practical. Though this will have to be much, much bigger.

  2. a while back the tv …
    a while back the tv show “Prototype This” built? on that idea to do just that, it was basically what you see in this spectrummag video but they hooks weren’t arranged around a central axis.

  3. Not when they only …
    Not when they only hold about 14kg. But if they could make them hold? more, that would be awesome.

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