Robotics (Kickoff, Week 1, and Week 2)

This video is made with 90% of the pictures I took since the 2008 FRC Kickoff till week 2. I only got like 2-3 pictures for week 1 because we were really busy designing the Robot. But yeah, heres 90% of the pictures I took in Robotics with some video footage as well (by the end).

I just love Robotics.

Duration : 0:2:57

[youtube okDTsiTnByU]

15 thoughts on “Robotics (Kickoff, Week 1, and Week 2)

  1. Can’t be me, cuz if …
    Can’t be me, cuz if I wanted to, I can just look at my other videos…even the ones that arent on YouTube…lol

  2. Hmmm, confusing me, …
    Hmmm, confusing me, for someone else? LOL

    Just for the music. Fo’ realz.

  3. Thanks!

    We’re …

    We’re getting there…Hopefully it goes well…

    Good Luck to you guys too!

  4. Wow, great Job!!! …
    Wow, great Job!!! Looks like you guys are doing really well…and i love the song, it fits the robotics build season perfectly! Good luck in weeks 3-6!!!

  5. Is it really for …
    Is it really for the music? Or the video clip by the end? hmmm…lol

  6. Yes, the principal …
    Yes, the principal as Kasuka said. And thanks!

    Should be able to see the robot in action sometime soon…i hope 🙂

  7. “You’re the best …
    “You’re the best we’ve got!”
    That’s really nice to hear, principal I presume?
    In any case, it’s great to hear that you’re being respected.
    Good work guys, hoping to see the robot in action soon,

    Nir and Team 2230

  8. Yeah. Lets go Wally …
    Yeah. Lets go Wally G’s!!!

    Song is really nice. Under Pressure by Queen.

    Oooh, AP Psych tomorrow! Sucks for you guys. I don’t need to get there till 2pm. But if you guys start robotics early, then call my cell and tell me so I can go right away.

  9. Ahahah, I like it.

    Ahahah, I like it.

    It’s good.

    The song goes really well with it. Well, I’m off to sleep, going to school at 7am tomorrow.

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