Pianobot – classics1

Our project for the 2nd semester of digital systems. One Lego NXT controller runs 9 Lego motors, 8 on 4 Mindsensor multiplexers, then the last (octave shifting) is run directly from one of the NXT’s outports. The delay in communication between the NXT and the multiplexer made it impossible to run the key pressing motors on both NXT and multiplexer outputs, it was not even a consistent delay. Running the octave shifter directly from the NXT is not ideal, but we ran out of multiplexers, and it works most of the times 🙂
Its not a high quality performing musical machine, and the noise of the machinery almost overpower the sound of the piano (Akai midi keyboard on a Macbook Pro with Ableton Live). But it gave us a good little experience in running motors in sequence, and we learned a lot about the possibility and limitation of Lego Mindstorm product and 3rd party products made specifically to enhance the possibilities of this. Lego is a toy, but it is also a cheap and easy way to model a project for learning purposes, most people have played with Lego growing up, and there is no welding, mechanical or carpentry experience really needed, without saying that its impossible to go down that road too 🙂

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