OWI-MSK670 Frightened Grasshopper

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Eyes jiggle, legs wiggle, and antennas sway to-and-fro is the combo tango-jitterbug-frightened-grasshopper dance. It is unmistakably an attention-grabber. Pint-sized and power to pack a punch, this enticingly amusing solar bug will surely capture your heart. Turn on its power switch (the sun) and you will smile like there is no tomorrow. This frolicking fancy is easy to emble and demonstrates an alternative energy principle. No batteries and tools required and less than ten parts to snap together.


Solar Panel Output: 1.1V x 50mA
Assembled Size: 49mm x 26.8mm x 15.7mm
Unit Weight: 5.5 g
Solar Cell Life: 2 yrs in normal use
Motor: DC
Power Consumption: 1.2V x 10mA

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Duration : 0:0:38

[youtube d2UfCUTO6l4]

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