Furewai 22 Toy Hospital Repairs A Robot

The Furewai 22 Hospital near Matsudo, Japan runs a totally volunteer Toy Hospital where seniors gather to repair broken toys for young patients and other children. For more information visit Robots Dreams at http://www.robots-dreams.com

Duration : 0:2:0

[youtube wploRbb6Jxw]

4 thoughts on “Furewai 22 Toy Hospital Repairs A Robot

  1. amazing how these …
    amazing how these guys repair toys which a lot of people landfill, bringing back to life toys which would be clogging? up the enviroment ,everyone benefits from this , its an excellent idea, way to go guys you have a great idea,more of these allover the world and lets get toys to kids less fortunate ,

  2. seems like a great …
    seems like a great way? to keep yourself active socially and mentally

  3. omg,? wow that’s …
    omg,? wow that’s awesome, I always wanted to do that 😉

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