Arduino and PHP

This project will give an idea on how to connect and use the Arduino board together with a PHP webpage.

You can download the source files used in this project at the following link:

Learn more about Arduino on their official website:

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Duration : 0:15:17

[youtube BxWR0Iak2ZI]

8 thoughts on “Arduino and PHP

  1. I hope that relay …
    I hope that relay has some kind of protection to dissipate? the electromagnetic field safely when turned off.

  2. Downloaded the file …
    Downloaded the file, unzipped? and dumped it all in my server.
    accessed it from web browser and the button isn’t even clickable.

  3. basically 13KB php …
    basically 13KB php class file and 30line? light php file. Rest is just for lol.

  4. Was going good, but …
    Was going good, but it appears that you are on a PC as a server for the scripting and not a remote server like Go Daddy. This is evident per your “Port” setting requirements….Oh well.

    I was looking to use a php page to communicate with my IP addressed Arduino server to control some switches, and not thru a constantly running PC in? my house. Otherwise, good tutorial.

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