GodaikinTetsujin 28 Review Part 2

Tetsujin 28 Godaikin comes out of the box to play. Enjoy the video review from www.robot-japan.com . Revison clarification help from E.S.: “The “Chokinzoku” is what the larger deluxe (17inch) Tetsujin 28 toy made by Popy in 1981 is. POPY by the way, is not a subsidiary of Bandai but only later became, toward the end of it’s life, a Bandai property.”

Duration : 0:6:54

6 thoughts on “GodaikinTetsujin 28 Review Part 2

  1. More vintage …
    More vintage reviews! Good job (made me pull out my Tetsujin and drool over it). I like the gloves while handling the toy (I need pair of toy gloves when I handle mine).

    BTW, it’s “Cho kin zoku” not “Choginitsu” 🙂

  2. Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

    Except for sounding like your in a bath room, Your voice comes through quite good!

    The rotating base is a nice little touch!

    Overall, It’s an excellent review!

    You reviewed it in a concise manner without glossing over details.

  3. review is ok, but …
    review is ok, but try using a lapel mike for better audio or place tha camera in between yor chest like they do at collection dx.

  4. Magnificent video …
    Magnificent video of a remarkable holy grail of a toy. Thanks so much for posting this!

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