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It just seemed fitting to start Open Sourced with the Arduino microcontroller. Arduino is an open-source microcontroller and development environment. It was originally for the hobbyist market, but as time has passed it's gotten better. Arduino
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  1. Roger Avatar

    I had this same thing. Fustrating isn’t it? Well anyway just do a complete format on the USB (NOT quick format) That will stop the problem.
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  2. TKOG Avatar

    Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or a similar free antivirus program. Update it and run a full scan.
    Make sure your USB drive is plugged in when you go to begin the scan.
    When Malwarebytes asks which drives you would like to scan, make sure that both your main hard drive and your flash drive is checked.
    What you have sounds like a worm rather than a virus. It spreads through any storage devices that are plugged into the computer. However, this also means it has to come from somewhere, therefore it is on your hard drive as well.
    Running a full scan on all drives should nab it.
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  3. Ashish Pandit Avatar
    Ashish Pandit

    Scan your pendrive with good updated anti virus like Microsoft Essentials or Kaspersky etc,(If you are using MS Windows) if don’t have anti virus use online anti virus like Bit Defender. After scanning and detection of virus ur problem will be settled.
    you can also take ur pendrive get clean where anti virus is installed.
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  4. Sly_Old_Mole Avatar

    shortcut virus – a form of autorun.inf worm.

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    autorun.inf worm will stop you formatting the USB.

  5. josh14 Avatar

    USB virus. Need help………………?
    I have these virus. Whenever i copy a folder to my usb. the folder become a link/shortcut and cannot be open. and when i delete the folder and i remove my usb and insert it again. The folder exist again. Also the folder occpies memory. What kind of virus is this?? Is that affect my pc or only my usb?? Does my arduino(microcontroller) will be affected when i connect it to the pc?? I cant reformat the usb.
    I have no time to reformat at the moment. but is it ok to connect my microcontroller to my pc?? and does the virus affect my pc or just the flash drive??

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