Kiva Warehouse Robotics (History Channel)

Kiva Systems: A Robotic System for Automagically Fulfilling Orders in Warehouses

When an order is received, a bunch of robots come into action, gathering various bins which hold the items needed to fulfill an order, somewhere in the warehouse, right up to the human operator, who collects the items he/she needs and the robots then go back and recharged themselves.

All of this is done autonomously. Remarkable!



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  1. stimsWonderland Avatar

    No its not, its …
    No its not, its seeing the world for what it is rather than deluding oneself about stupid agendas and white elephants because of the lack of work. People do automatable work all the time that they find meaning in and just because a few people say it’s not our purpose doesn’t mean everyone all of? a sudden creates some social revolution

  2. BHSPitMonkey Avatar

    This is a …
    This is a ridiculous sentiment. You would have us all striving to find the most inefficient ways of doing everything in life in order to maximize the number of humans doing repetitive, meaningless work. This is not our purpose as human beings. Any time that we spend doing? automatable work by hand is a waste.

  3. panegyricooful Avatar

    Good observation. ?
    Good observation. ?

  4. dkwroot Avatar

    As an engineer, …
    As an engineer, things like this make me excited. All those people gripping about jobs being lost to machines, you’re thinking too narrowly. The real problem isn’t a failure of technology, it’s a failure of capitalism. Let’s just face the facts. As people like me invent more and more advanced forms of technology, mundane jobs will disappear at a more frequent rate. This? isn’t a bad thing. It just means that capitalism is becoming more irrelevant.

  5. klipdriftfan Avatar

    Amazon bought? Kiva …
    Amazon bought? Kiva last month, will be interesting to see if it has the same effect.. Robots are a blessing as well as a curse, it’s awesome that they can do the repetitive and labour-intensive tasks – but the human cost is terrible :/

  6. runninghoove Avatar

    Onihikage said: ” …
    Onihikage said: “Personally, I can’t wait for money to become a thing of the past.”
    Until then,? you’ll just have to rely on your monthly EBT as your source of free money, unfortunately what’s free for you, is paid for by the last remaining few who actually work for a living and produce something to make ends meet.
    Ultimately, the system we’re in is fractured and in the process of total collapse, so perhaps the machines will rise and take over, but by then, what practical use are human parasites?

  7. Onihikage Avatar

    Pretty soon, it …
    Pretty soon, it will be possible to replace nearly all jobs with machines, which will mean free food, water, and shelter for everyone, whether they work or not. That would leave everyone free to pursue their passions regardless of economics – although economics as we know now it will have ceased to exist by then. Personally, I can’t wait for money to? become a thing of the past.

  8. runninghoove Avatar

    Great way to get …
    Great way to get rid of all those middle-class jobs America has relied on for so many? years, now if we could just get rid of the people, we’d be on to something.
    The company that owns the warehouse shown in this History channel special is now bankrupt, nobody has jobs anymore, customers just dried up, and so now this fully-automated warehouse is no-longer “running at full capacity 24/7,” it’s no-longer running at all.
    Robots equal more-profit, but they don’t consume products, employed people do.

  9. amytran7703 Avatar

    do? the robot get …
    do? the robot get raise salary

  10. cbankord Avatar

    It’s great! Nobody …
    It’s great! Nobody wants to work in a warehouse. The more automation? the better, the more automation = less price of good, to the eventual price is negligible.

  11. NewAgeDirector Avatar

    Great video keep? …
    Great video keep? up the good work.

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