Telepresence Robotics with Lego NXT part 3 of 3 – Remote Controlled by People Around the World

In this video I show a collection of highlight footage from all of my beta testers from the USA, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia who helped test the telepresence robotic system in my house. You can skip amongst them as follows:
0:00 – Ethan, Hawaii
1:28 – Drew, Texas
2:12 – Joseph, New Zealand
3:33 – Matt, Ohio
11:33 – Joel, Australia
13:20 – Mark, Germany

This continues from part 1 of 3 where via the Internet, Matt from Ohio in the USA takes control of the telepresence robot that I hacked together at my place in Adelaide, Australia ( which is included in this video). And also from part 2 of 3 ( where I showed how to hack together your own basic telepresence robot together from a Lego NXT Mindstorms kit, an old rooted Nexus S Android phone (any rooted Android phone should do), and 3 applications: Webkey, Skype, and an NXT remote control application.

Duration : 0:14:58


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