Geiger Counter – Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino

Detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation integrating any Geiger Tube which works in the range 400V – 1000V and read this levels using Arduino. Read more here:

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  1. cookinghacks Avatar

    Geiger board is …
    Geiger board is also compatible with? tubes which detect alpha particles.

  2. foresakenlion Avatar

    Awesome project …
    Awesome project will buy one ASAP, too bad there’s no easy way or affordable for ALPHA particles, those are the most devastating? and short lived.

  3. sesdeux Avatar

    be careful man, …
    be careful man, with rings like that you can burn boards in? a jiffy… … trust me…

  4. lowxfx Avatar


  5. cookinghacks Avatar

    you can find all …
    you can find all the information about the board including the schematics in the website of Cooking-hacks.?

  6. gaganthin Avatar

    No he is lying it …
    No he is lying it is Uran!!!

  7. nukeandfusion Avatar

    Is there any pcb …
    Is there any pcb for the shcematic??

  8. kiwisaft Avatar

    In the video the …
    In the video the sensor board is tested using Vaseline Glass which has been previously highly charged using ultraviolet light. This radioactivity level lasts only a couple of minutes but is enough to see how the irradiated Beta and Gamma particles are detected.?

  9. dedshaw1612wifi Avatar

    what were those …
    what were those blocks being used? to test it?

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