Hanson Robotics’ “Zeno RoboKind, hero of the Singularity”

This little guy is not just a platform for pursuing robot sentience. He’s not just an adventurer. I think he’ll be the way that robots achieve wisdom, compassion, and evolve into VALIS–the vast active living intelligence system, known by some as the Singularity

Duration : 0:5:17

5 thoughts on “Hanson Robotics’ “Zeno RoboKind, hero of the Singularity”

  1. Man… this is SO …
    Man… this is SO GREAT! Tezuka Osamu, I visit his museum once a month here in Takarazuka… He would be so proud!!!

    And honestly, this is a pretty bold move from Hanson, who always took the realistic route with Joel and Einstein.. So awesome.

  2. I’m with Stephen …
    I’m with Stephen Hawking when it comes to this robot bullshit.

  3. They’re going to …
    They’re going to build robots that will come and kill you, ha ha. Won’t that be cool?

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