Hanson Robots Especially Zeno, RoboKind

Hanson RoboKind robots walk, show facial expressions, see your face, understand speech, and learn from your conversations. This video shows the capabilities of our latest RoboKind Zeno robot. This spring we release this robot for sale to researchers, and he’s packed with features–Maxon motors, hi-def cameras in the eyes, embedded PC, and of course great facial expressions. Customers can choose a small Einstein face or Alice robot face instead of the Zeno face too. This version of our robots are for university-level robotics, A.I., Robocup, and psychology research. We hope to have the consumer version on the market by 2013.

Duration : 0:9:42


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  1. 50a7 Avatar

    what’s the name? of …
    what’s the name? of the song

  2. Dave Malon Avatar
    Dave Malon

    Zeno is such a? …
    Zeno is such a? geek!

  3. TheColbert54 Avatar

    im? all for robots …
    im? all for robots as long as some crazy doesnt give them the command for emotions and thinking

  4. SkittlesKiwi Avatar

    Wow….kinda …
    Wow….kinda creepy? what people can create! Amazing too!!

  5. pictureperfectsrm Avatar

    People like us may …
    People like us may not be able to afford? it, but $200 is unbelivably low for artificialy inteligent beings.

  6. andreagaru Avatar

    “Cylons in love” by …
    “Cylons in love” by Bent?

  7. mreinstein48 Avatar

    Devils’s childen !! …
    Devils’s childen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  8. zzwayer Avatar

    TOY SOILDERS!!!!!?
    TOY SOILDERS!!!!!?

  9. fingazization Avatar

    heres a short …
    heres a short comment does any one know the name of the? song

  10. Ryuuken24 Avatar

    I haven’t see that …
    I haven’t see that many new videos showing off it’s skills, guess what’s new, NAO has been improved, and it’s much faster, and versatile than before, and? the older model is cheaper, now that’s a robot you can own, and it has fingers to hold items. But lets not talk about what works, to what sells, that seems to be the ignored idea most of the time.

  11. AZURA888 Avatar

    If they lets drop …
    If they lets drop too much the price they could going bankrupt as the company? who created Pleo the robot dinosaur. They selled pleo in 450US$ but they should correct the price. For thus a small company had to be between 900 and 1100US$. The research is expensive, robotics is still a science not finished so most of the advances in robotics comes with money coming from selling cars and motorcycles (Honda, Toyota), telecomunication (NEC), a small pure robots company has it hard.

  12. NewAgeDirector Avatar

    Great video keep …
    Great video keep up? the good work.

  13. kylemkhoward Avatar

    I agree with you …
    I agree with you completely. I feel like they’re leaving? out things in the video. The interactions between Zeno and Amanda seem very scripted on her part. But then again, maybe that is the way you have to talk to these robots.

    I wish they would show a REAL person using this robot, not David or Amanda. I feel more confused about this then when I watched the Jules videos. Stop confusing people and tell me EXACTLY what it is. Another dream down the boob tube.

  14. Ryuuken24 Avatar

    @themagistrateclan …
    @themagistrateclan @themagistrateclan I find their approach into the marked very shameful. I do entertain the idea of having a fully functional robot with facial articulation, but that it’s not what this is. I do see why the price would be this high, since other companies are pushing for the same price tag,? but, once you put a price tag, that meas you have a legit product, all I can see are broken promises, and false ongoing advertising. We live in a shameful decade. Greed and money.

  15. themagistrateclan Avatar

    Or the? constant …
    Or the? constant strain from investors on making profitable robots that are up to par with what everyone else is making.

  16. s3rv1z Avatar

    really sucks the …
    really sucks the pricetag on these is unreasonable… i would have bought for the original price tag but 15kish for the fully functional version… nty sad this? would have really been hot @ the original price

  17. Ryuuken24 Avatar

    R-20 Zeno robot …
    R-20 Zeno robot price tag is 8,500$, it’s the cheapest model with limited body movement. When Hanson Robotics first started the project they were all about making it for everybody, now for just a few, what changed, why did they say it would cost 1,500 dollars, and 3 years later the price is at 8,500 dollars? Hanson god greedy, like everybody else in robotics, that’s my take on it. Guess what, Darwin is also selling for much cheaper,? figure that out.

  18. jdog4ever2 Avatar

    if i as zeno i …
    if i as zeno i would slap that chick 4 being? anoying

  19. GeriMars Avatar

    If I may make a …
    If I may make a suggestion, you need to work on the wandering gaze thing while the robot is speaking with someone. While it’s common for those engaged in conversation to, at times, look away?, glance down and make various eye movements while thinking, people don’t normally look up like they’re watching birds — unless they’re actually watching birds. The body language implies disinterest and/or distraction.? In order? for Zeno to be more “lifelike,” he needs to lessen this behavior.

  20. GeriMars Avatar

    P.S.? What’s that …
    P.S.? What’s that song?

  21. GeriMars Avatar

    I have had my eye …
    I have had my eye on this little guy ever since first hearing about him. In fact, I think my Facebook and Twitter followers may be sick of reading my posts about Zeno. If they think I go on and? on now, just wait until I get one.

    David, family and staff, your work is REMARKABLE. I’m convinced that what you’ve developed will benefit many fields.

    And Nail29, keep it down about what you’ll pay. I’m always looking for a bargain, even on the latest technology. 😉


  22. nall29 Avatar

    i love Zeno! i hope …
    i love Zeno! i hope this will be here with in the next year!!!!! ive been following him about 2-3 years? now i.. ill buy the top version for $1200.00 dollars any day!

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