WeeBots: Mobile Robots Controlled by Babies

Robots controlled by infants from 6-9 months old. Research by Sharon Stansfield, Carole Dennis, and Hélène Larin from Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. Read more at http://spectrum.ieee.org/blog/automaton

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  1. Ala Rihane Avatar
    Ala Rihane

    Look? at this ass!
    Look? at this ass!

  2. mobydoux Avatar

    It’s designed for? …
    It’s designed for? babies with mobility problems.

  3. PaulRobertProd Avatar

    Oh yea please ! …
    Oh yea please ! more idea to make americans fatter !?

  4. robotmaker11 Avatar

    Future: Bobby, …
    Future: Bobby, come? get the bag of Big Macs! Bobby: Uuuuuuuuuh *lunges back and forth* why isn’t it working? Instructor: Probably because it can’t take the weight overload. Bobby: D: LOL!


    There are many …
    There are many sources on the internet, you can check it out. I got my info from the Teaching Actualization Center in México (CAM in spanish).?


    Any invention …
    Any invention should be tested? and retested and attacked and criticized and more. If it can stand after all this scrutiny then it’s a good invention, researchers should be fine with critics, even thankful. Also, if you go to the link in the “info” section and go down to the comments you will see a link to a similar project done in 2009 by researchers of the University of Delaware.
    I just hope they don’t stop developing and get a good result to really help and not just brag with new tech.


    I’m not saying that …
    I’m not saying that new technology? means a bad thing. I’m just stating that this device seems to make easier a job that the baby NEEDS for his or her development. Now, there’s a link to an article (writed today obviously because of my comments) that tries to explain in a very vague way that this will help babies with special needs. With the knowledge I have (Because everyone is limited by his or her own knowledge) I say this won’t help as much as other well known and cheaper techniques.However..

  8. motaica Avatar

    People should? go …
    People should? go to the link and read the article and context…instead of just posting by their knee jerk reaction…towards the end…
    ” but in at least one case, a fifteen month old boy with cerebral palsy was able to learn to control a WeeBot, after which he started to develop crawling skills on his own.”

    This research is targeted at those babies and those results seem very promising

    But yeah, cyborg babies are coming…


    I don’t doubt there …
    I don’t doubt there might be cases where it could come in handy, however, it is a well known fact that babies that doesn’t crawl (for any reason, like having them on strollers or walkers most of the time) have problems on their fine motor skills later on? their lifes. However, it’s not a well known fact for everyone. I’m a teacher in México and we learn about this things in our academies. Maybe the creators didn’t know about this fact so with my comment they’ll have it in mind.

  10. poontankk Avatar


  11. KinkyKonnivingKunt Avatar

    Oh great, so in …
    Oh great, so in addition to dodging fat scooter ladies at wal mart, I’m going to have to start watching out for babies. This? is why infanticide is a good idea. I keep telling you people but NO ONE LISTENS. JESUS

  12. Tom Larkworthy Avatar
    Tom Larkworthy

    I think the …
    I think the scientist want to? use it on babies with impeded motor controls e.g. spina bifida. Hence this is about giving mobility to babies who are disadvantaged in motor development.

  13. Sionthy Avatar

    This can be seen in …
    This can be seen in the results of a study (I cannot remember the name? of the researcher so I am sorry) where 2 kittens were put on opposite sides of a revolving table. One was put in a box with a window so it could see when the table was moving, while the other was actually put /next/ to the table and strapped to the side. When the second kitten walked, the table turned. One kitten had movement associated with walking, while the other didn’t. After repeated tests the box kitten couldn’t walk.

  14. Sionthy Avatar

    While I agree that …
    While I agree that there is a bit of “ermehgerd new thing! It must be horrible” and the inverse going around: your statement about less motor control and crawl motivation is completely incorrect and unfounded as everybody? you run into on the street was “deprived” of this toy and are perfectly functional. ALPHADESIGNTAMPICO is, however, correct in their statement about walking development assuming that the parents leave the children in it basically all day. Next post coming with justification.

  15. floodindahood Avatar

    Adults with …
    Adults with licenses to murder with reduced penalties is scary enough, if babies get the same I will never step out of? my cube again. 🙁

  16. tkmkirill Avatar

    Any source or just …
    Any source or just making up??

  17. EdsEnemy Avatar

    OH NO A BABBY? …

    This looks pretty good.

  18. roidroid Avatar

    Babies that don’t …
    Babies that don’t use this will have less motor control and motivation to crawl. They will be disadvantaged compared to other? babies who are deprived of this toy.

    baseless fears about “the new thing” work BOTH ways.

  19. ljbuxton Avatar

    I don’t think this? …
    I don’t think this? is a good idea for healthy baby development. I


    Babies using this? …
    Babies using this? won’t learn to walk as soon as other babies, and they’ll have problems with their fine motor skills like writting and grabbing small things for their entire lifes.

  21. geek2thextreme Avatar

    this would be …
    this would be amazing for people who can’t? use their legs

  22. Dizzyboss Avatar

    This will not turn? …
    This will not turn? out well.

  23. wo262 Avatar

    i? never asked for …
    i? never asked for gugugugbgub

  24. abu0ibraheem Avatar

    hhhhhhhh? you are …
    hhhhhhhh? you are right 🙂

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