Wall-e blu ray unboxing review from Pixar with talking robot toy

Here’s an up-close look at disney Pixar Wall-e just released once again in blu-ray as a 3-disc combo, 2 blu-rays and one dvd. Region A LOCKED blu-ray and region 1 dvd.

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

English SDH

Duration : 0:2:49






25 responses to “Wall-e blu ray unboxing review from Pixar with talking robot toy”

  1. Blucollection Avatar

    yes,? most of …
    yes,? most of Disney blu-ray are nicely embossed, so i trim the cardboard insert to fit inside blu-ray case. Looks really good.

  2. FreedomFighters716 Avatar

    Wait, you put? the …
    Wait, you put? the embossed ones in the case? I never see them. I only see the lenticular ones.

  3. Blucollection Avatar

    i only keep the …
    i only keep the really nice “3d or embossed”? slipcovers inside the blu-ray case, the rest is all gargabe. I prefer my collection nice and neat, with same height.

  4. FreedomFighters716 Avatar

    Where do you keep …
    Where do you keep your slipcovers then? In your Blu-ray 3D collection,? you didn’t have the slipcovers.

  5. Blucollection Avatar

    i made a mistake? …
    i made a mistake? typing, is exactly the same as previous release, same bonus content as well as same audio and subs. sorry about that

  6. nonayabeesnas Avatar

    Hey, exactly why …
    Hey, exactly why is? the previous release better than this? I bought this to replace my DVD version… should i have gotten the previous release instead?

  7. CaillouOhoma Avatar

    @blu collection do …
    @blu collection do you get the wall.e
    in blu ray 2 discs and? digital copy

  8. Blucollection Avatar

    yeah i am.. i’m in …
    yeah i am.. i’m in need of? some rewards..

  9. Neta Shavitt Avatar
    Neta Shavitt

    @blu collection …
    @blu collection Are? you using the Disney Movie Rewards?

  10. P0TT5Y147 Avatar

    where do you? get …
    where do you? get the money from?

  11. videomakingstudio Avatar

    I? can finally …
    I? can finally watch this

  12. RojasCesarPaulo Avatar

    I prefer the other? …
    I prefer the other? one.

  13. videomakingstudio Avatar

    My sister is using …
    My sister is using too much? tabs and I can’t watch this video

  14. corvaocom Avatar

    I Keep and like? …
    I Keep and like? them. Thanks

  15. Blucollection Avatar

    i used to throw …
    i used to throw away, now i? keep them..

  16. corvaocom Avatar

    What do you do with …
    What do you do with your Slipcovers? Great video.? Thanks

  17. JEHMSZ Avatar

    Awesome review! …
    Awesome review! should i get this over replacing my original Wall-E blu ray?
    and which? wall-e robot is that?

  18. Serires3 Avatar

    Who says that Wall- …
    Who says that Wall-E blu-ray isn’t region free? Alpha and Omega Blu-ray? for example is region free and in the case is Region A. Same happens with more movies.

    I don’t know why people do regions code if ill be available for all it’s beatiful!

  19. Serires3 Avatar

    Great video, that? …
    Great video, that? Wall-e is cute ^^

  20. Imaxination1980 Avatar

    That’s cool how you …
    That’s cool how you did the intro to? the video. Great as always!

  21. 92jcm Avatar

    i didnt? like this …
    i didnt? like this movie

  22. frediosar Avatar

    are you gonna sell? …
    are you gonna sell? or keep your other blu-ray version of wall-e and up? anyways, i like wall-e, it’s very cute! great video MC!

  23. SiilentMiike Avatar

    Nice Wall-e toy.? 😉
    Nice Wall-e toy.? 😉

  24. Tiagolamonica Avatar

    HEhe muito bacana …
    HEhe muito bacana tanto? o robo quanto o blu-ray, gosto muito do filme, parabens.

  25. Moviez4u101 Avatar

    hey man recieved …
    hey man recieved the bluray today thanks? and sorry for any problems i may have caused

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