Pyxis OS for the Arduino

This is the first phase of a graphic OS I’m developing for the Arduino. Current features are listed on the video. The next phase will include native BMP support of 32 & 24bpp depths (no indexing, sorry) up to 320×240 (larger will be cropped). The third phase you ask? Custom code execution from the uSD card. Pyxis currently runs on a 328 chip & the Liquidware TouchShield Slide

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  1. ArduinoWill Avatar

    That particular …
    That particular version is? a Arduino Duemilinova, 2x extender, TouchShield slide, input shield (all from Liquidware) and a custom uSD interface based of a Sparkfun module.

  2. Shockszzbyyous Avatar

    your hardware setup …
    your hardware setup?

  3. transformers680 Avatar

    Excelent work!Super …
    Excelent work!Super!?

  4. 101Vogon Avatar

    what sd sheild r? u …
    what sd sheild r? u using

  5. Pablo Garcia Avatar
    Pablo Garcia

    i want to try it on …
    i want to try it on CHIPKIT MAX32?

  6. VizicTech nologies Avatar
    VizicTech nologies

    Hi I recently …
    Hi I recently bought? a great serial LCD with touch controller called SMARTGPU from vizic technologies, and it’s just 3 wire interface, microSD-4GB, could be? used as shield or on a standard breadboard, very powerfull graphics, You can create advanced applications very very easy, check my video response! tab “SMARTGPU arduino ipod like”

  7. ArduinoWill Avatar

    This was just …
    This was just initial work. Look on at the rest of the videos. Pyxis now has it’s? own virtual CPU w/ custom compiler that allows you to run apps.

  8. deadbird99 Avatar

    Good Job.
    But I …

    Good Job.
    But I think some of the people that comment this video miss the difference between a “shell” and an “operating system”. What we see on this video is more a shell than a real operating system, although it has some of its characteristics. But the ability to launch custom will change that.
    Having some experience of both shell and OS developement, I know how difficule all this is. Congrats for the job you did, it’s something that missed? to the arduino universe: a open source OS.

  9. ArduinoWill Avatar


    Yes the …

    Yes the source is planned for release once it’s in a finished state. Right now it’s pretty buggy? and severely lacking in features. But as I make updates I make stable releases, possibly on a per application basis.

  10. smadmead1 Avatar

    Any? plans on …
    Any? plans on releasing the source? This seems like something that would get me back into the Arduino…

    Good work! This looks amazing!


  11. ArduinoWill Avatar

    Can’t wait to see …
    Can’t wait to see the blog! I’ll do my best to have an updated video up this weekend to show off the system’s new tricks.?

  12. inthebitz Avatar

    oh wow, this is …
    oh wow, this is ridiculous! very impressive programming skills, … that is seriously cool. i’m going to blog about it this weekend if that’s ok with you??

  13. ArduinoWill Avatar

    Thanks mikorf! Keep …
    Thanks mikorf! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one. I’ve already increased? speed 20X and I’m just working out some timing issues on the BMPs

  14. mikorf73 Avatar

    Very helpful. …

    Very helpful.

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