Robotic bird takes flight into the future Video

Robotic Seagull looks like a real bird.

Duration : 0:1:33






25 responses to “Robotic bird takes flight into the future Video”

  1. ThaMasterSniper Avatar

    So… Some famous? …
    So… Some famous? douche is proof that the Devil and God exist? Better luck next time dip shit.

  2. 19Danniel Avatar

    Illuminati (You) …
    Illuminati (You) What about them
    How many people have them and the devil made famous look at Rappers like Eminem Who? Admit they made them famous listen to the song My darling where he admits it Proof that the Devil CAN MAKE you famous and he exists therefore so does God……Sometimes people don’t Want to understand God exists so you have to show them the other side in order for them to understand.

  3. dukejon91 Avatar

    i need one for? my …
    i need one for? my iphone!!

  4. ThaMasterSniper Avatar

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Another person with common sense.?

  5. AMBeatss Avatar

    Okay my friend i go …
    Okay my friend i go to school with is god.. He says so… he lived for 10.000 years..
    Your god? has finaly returned…!!

  6. AMBeatss Avatar

    I totaly agree with …
    I totaly agree with you..

  7. Anna Nguyen Avatar
    Anna Nguyen




  8. BuzzerUK100 Avatar

    M sorry for you to, …
    M sorry for you to, as? they do in some ways help the world

  9. BuzzerUK100 Avatar

    Guys, stop arguing …
    Guys, stop arguing about god, as you ‘belivers’ will lose and you ‘atheists’ look stupid trying to? make them look stupid. believers, keep your beliefs to yourselves, and I’m sorry but missionaries are stupid, people believe what they want. The same goes to atheists, don’t argue with belivers, it’s their choice, and I

  10. TheZacula Avatar

    How the f*** did a …
    How the f*** did a video about robot birds turn into a? Bible discussion? Can’t you guys go off and do this on a RELEVANT video for once?

  11. Woogoo336 Avatar

    u MAV bro??
    u MAV bro??

  12. Oriru Bastard Avatar
    Oriru Bastard

    Aka: He doesn’t? …
    Aka: He doesn’t? exist like air does.

  13. Pa?ca Alexandru Avatar
    Pa?ca Alexandru

    It’s easy too look …
    It’s easy too look at but it’s? a bit harder to see what one is looking at. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Pa?ca Alexandru Avatar
    Pa?ca Alexandru

    You should have …
    You should have asked if he ever saw a sunrise. ;)?

  15. ThaMasterSniper Avatar

    Doesn’t matter who …
    Doesn’t matter who you are. If the government doesn’t like? you, they’ll either lock you up or kill you. ๐Ÿ˜

  16. Pa?ca Alexandru Avatar
    Pa?ca Alexandru

    I’m? not a little …
    I’m? not a little commie anymore…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Harakudoshi904 Avatar

    It looks like that …
    It looks like that bird has? Down’s syndrome and constipation. And cataracts

  18. ThaMasterSniper Avatar

    God this …
    God this stupid username… And how so? Snipers will take? your out from a mile away.

  19. Pa?ca Alexandru Avatar
    Pa?ca Alexandru

    HA! Snipers ain’t …
    HA! Snipers ain’t real neither. They’re just a story made-up to? scare little commies. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. nivadalinux Avatar

    People who don’t …
    People who don’t believe in God aren’t new to me, in fact the Bible speaks that knowledge will increase and most of the people will not anymore? believe in God rather they believe on myths.


    It is what I …
    It is what I believe, because I believe? in the Bible.

  22. skeilrebirth Avatar

    abominations? !!!!
    abominations? !!!!

  23. thelonelychemist Avatar

    did you see God …
    did you see God making the birds ??

    or is? it just what your mother told ya ?

  24. C48813 Avatar

    Then? he does not …
    Then? he does not exist.

  25. Mrmcgiggelybunn Avatar

    we have actually …
    we have actually had the technology to do that for a long time, but do you think you could sell jet packs to the public? no,? because government wont allow it. just imagine how much choas there would be with every one in your neighbor hood flying a jet pack.

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