Golnaraghi – Car Position Control using LEGO Mindstorms and MATLAB Simulink

This project is designed to help students build their knowledge in feedback control. Based on LEGO Mindstorms, the hardware test platform (the car) is easy to build.
Moreover, Matlab Simulink makes real-time implementation of the control scheme as well as data acquisition even easier using the latest edition (2012). The built-in Simulink library specifically dedicated to LEGO Mindstorms is also used to provide communication between the host computer and the NXT device via USB and Bluetooth connection.
Two sensors and one motor are used in this project. The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the distance from the wall. The light sensor is used to trigger the start.
Using the motor parameters found in the tenth edition (2013) of the book “Automatic Control Systems”, an accurate simulation model can be created using Matlab Simulink. In practical systems, It is usually beneficial -if not essential- to simulate the plant and control system before the actual hardware implementation.

Duration : 0:3:20






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