Arduino Tutorial #9: Leonardo vs. Uno

I received my Arduino Leonardo in the mail today, so I thought I’d go over the difference between it and my Uno. I’m going to using the Leonardo in some future videos to demonstrate dual Arduino capabilities, and what the Leonardo can do.

Duration : 0:4:30






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  1. humanHardDrive Avatar

    I’m sure Arduino …
    I’m sure Arduino will continue to produce the Uno. The only reason they couldn’t produce a removable chip version of the Leonardo is because the Atmega32u4 used doesn’t come in a through-hole package. In regards to the VUSB library, I’m still trying to get? one of my own working. It’s an extremely useful library but it has quite a bit of overhead. I know that there are some great tutorials out there already.

  2. reactor1system Avatar

    The Leonardo is …
    The Leonardo is certainly a welcomed update to the main Arduino board, but every article that speaks of Leonardo that I’ve been reading seems to dodge this obvious “downgrade”:
    With Uno, it was easy to swap the AVR chips. This? is no longer possible with the Leonardo.
    Are they going to keep producing the Uno? Btw, do you have some tutorial on the VUSB library?

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