New! Smartest ROBOT in the world. Featured in Movie ARGO. 2-XL Robot toy. Must See in Action

Smartest Robot in the WORLD. 2-XL was a real toy robot in the 1970s to 2000s. It was voted the most popular toy of the 1970 decade. It was the first INTERACTIVE toy. It responded to a child’s press of a button on 2-XL’s chest. The blockbuster movie ARGO (2012-2013) starring Ben Affleck prominently features the 2-XL Robot in the final scene. There is an alternate ending that was created for fun, but features the actual original voice of the 2-XL Robot. This is a voice nobody has heard in decades. Fun to watch especially for people who had and knew the toy. Youngsters will appreciate its interactivity and “intelligience.” Also search 2-XL Robot to learn more about this iconic and most famous toy.

Duration : 0:9:11






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