Piano-Playing Swarm Robots

A swarm of robots (Khepera III) is presented with a musical score (Beethoven’s Fur Elise) in the form of spatio-temporal requests, i.e. spatial locations that must be reached at specific times (similar to a piano score that requires hitting different piano keys at specific times). By solving the corresponding spatio-temporal routing problem, the smallest possible robot team is deployed in order to effectively “play” the musical score, while minimizing the total distance travelled 🙂

Duration : 0:1:45






5 responses to “Piano-Playing Swarm Robots”

  1. tvreeep Avatar

    Oh my god ! You …
    Oh my god ! You fools, you bloody fools, you’ve given them wheels !! WHEELS ! Don’t you see that’s what they have been waiting for, they have everything in place for the great robot uprising, but they? just needed wheels to move about, you bloody fools, what have you done !

  2. Krishna Mohan Avatar
    Krishna Mohan


  3. johnhasaguitar Avatar

    if they? played …
    if they? played that speed for a final, they wouldn’t pass.. but still cool

  4. AffeAffelinTV Avatar

    that is? so awesome …
    that is? so awesome :O

  5. Alex Polanco Avatar
    Alex Polanco

    Nice! Now? let’s …
    Nice! Now? let’s see them do Sonata in b minor #3 by Chopin 🙂

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