Robotic Key Fob Assembly with the FANUC M-1iA Four-Axis Robot — FANUC Robotics

Key Fob Assembly:

The FANUC M-1iA Robot is specifically designed to meet the needs of manufacturers that require higher speed and accuracy to meet their production goals in robotically automated applications. The M-1iA Robot’s flexibility and speed far exceed the capabilities of other vertically-articulated or SCARA-type robots. The four-axis model of the FANUC M-1iA Robot seen here assembles key fobs.

The first of two four-axis FANUC M-1iA/0.5S Robots first uses iRVision to detect key fob assembly parts on a conveyor. A vision monitor displays what the robot is seeing through the iRVision camera. The robot picks a battery and places it into the key fob, then snaps on the key fob cover to finish its section of the assembly. The robot is able to follow and assemble the part through the use of circular tracking.

Next, a second M-1iA/0.5S Robot accurately follows the assembly fixture using circular tracking and completes the assembly by screwing in a small bolt. The FANUC M-1iA/0.5S four-axis robot’s compact size is a great fit for small spaces as in this operation. Its single-axis wrist makes it ideal for high-speed picking and kitting.

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