Two Overhead Robots Load/Unload Four FANUC ROBODRILL Machine Tools — FANUC Robotics

Load/Unload Robots:

This intelligent machining operation developed by FANUC Robotics features two overhead FANUC R-2000iB/100P robots performing multiple machine tending operations to four FANUC ROBODRILL machine tools.

The cycle starts when the first FANUC robot, seen on the left, grabs a raw part from the rear of the system. At the first ROBODRILL, the robot enters from the front to remove a machined part and inserts a raw part. The first robot then loads and unloads the second ROBODRILL for the next operation, and places the part on a re-grip station located at the center of the machines.

A second robot seen on the right picks the part from the re-grip stand. The robots use intelligent Interference Avoidance while exchanging parts at the re-grip station to assure collision protection is being implemented. Interference Avoidance is useful for robotic applications that require the use of multiple robots in close proximity. The second robot continues to load and unload the two remaining FANUC ROBODRILL machine tools in sequence to produce a finished part.

This application demonstrates the flexibility and speed of the unique over slung design, which allows the robots to front load the machines and perform tasks on both sides of the rail. This adds efficiency to the machine tending process by implementing robotic automation with multiple machines.

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