Eye Robot (Opto-Isolator)

Opto-isolator (2007: Golan Levin with Greg Baltus) inverts the condition of spectatorship by exploring the questions: “What if artworks could know how we were looking at them? And, given this knowledge, how might they respond to us?” The sculpture presents a solitary mechatronic blinking eye, at human scale, which responds to the gaze of visitors with a variety of psychosocial eye-contact behaviors that are at once familiar and unnerving. Among other forms of feedback, Opto-isolator looks its viewer directly in the eye; intently studies its viewer’s face; looks away coyly if it is stared at for too long; and blinks precisely one second after its viewer blinks.

Duration : 0:0:46

14 thoughts on “Eye Robot (Opto-Isolator)

  1. It reminds me :

    It reminds me :

    Bill Spinhoven : “I/Eye”,1993.

    but 2007 version

    Well done

  2. I want one. It can …
    I want one. It can answer the door for me, that would keep the salesmen away.

  3. I was thinking this …
    I was thinking this installation was under the Golan’s quality standard. But after having seen this clip I chanced my opinion: awesome engaging: bravo!

  4. I kinda want one to …
    I kinda want one to hang on my wall.

    Probably a expensive, if getting something like that is even possible.

  5. Yes! I was hoping …
    Yes! I was hoping that they would come out with something that could watch when I looked at it. Lol just kidding, pretty cool.

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