Top 3 Humanoid Robots In The World! – Robots Dominate World!!!

Top 3 Humanoid Robots In The World! – Robots Dominate World!!!

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17 responses to “Top 3 Humanoid Robots In The World! – Robots Dominate World!!!”

  1. qed qubit Avatar
    qed qubit

    the robot? at 1:40 …
    the robot? at 1:40 is alled “SqueeqieToe”

  2. xxLegitIronIngotxx Avatar

    Thumbs up if you …
    Thumbs up if you knew ASIMO would? be there!

  3. Dhiego Bersan Avatar
    Dhiego Bersan

    Its hard? to find a …
    Its hard? to find a vid without dislikes these days…

  4. Crixe Avatar

    Asimo needs to be? …
    Asimo needs to be? thinner but the motion in it are amazing. The others are just too noisy or kinda creepy/silly..

  5. SirTenenbaum Avatar

    Like many new …
    Like many new products (think cell phones), maybe only the rich will be able to afford them initially. But after further? development by companies made possible by sales to the rich, they will be less costly to produce and more affordable for many more people (think cell phones).

  6. matthew roush Avatar
    matthew roush

    I like the last one …
    I like the last one the? best! xD

  7. officialspindash Avatar

    just like? blackops …
    just like? blackops 2 robots turn on you some day

  8. alec farai Avatar
    alec farai

    i can make a? robot …
    i can make a? robot that’s easy

  9. michael83643 Avatar

    how much to buy one …
    how much to buy one? will they cost as much? as a new car or only for the rich…….

  10. gaublys00100 Avatar

    I love robots, …
    I love robots, would like? to check your other videos

  11. failerQQQQ Avatar

    great? vid! thanks!
    great? vid! thanks!

  12. KANAAN51 Avatar

    they are all? cool …
    they are all? cool robots!!!!!

  13. gorge danm Avatar
    gorge danm

    NAO? wins
    NAO? wins

  14. randomnamex1 Avatar

    you missed HRP-4C, …
    you missed HRP-4C, the best robot? so far (Its the robot with girl shape on the second robot part…how did you miss it?)

  15. CoolRobotsNet Avatar

    I totally? agree 🙂
    I totally? agree 🙂

  16. Number1FMAfangirlo3o Avatar

    lol The first one …
    lol The first one was AWESOME, second one BORING, last one? UBER COOL!!! XD

  17. SupernovaAnnie Avatar

    NAO is the? best!!! …
    NAO is the? best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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