Refueling Satellites with Robots!

Robotic refueling is challenging. Before a satellite leaves the ground, technicians fill its fuel tank through a valve that’s then triple-sealed and covered with a protective blanket designed never to be accessed again. RRM paves the way for a future robotic servicing mission by demonstrating that a remote-controlled robot can overcome these obstacles to service and refuel a satellite on orbit.

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  1. llokoja Avatar

    I would like NASA …
    I would like NASA decides to use this tecnique for james webb? space telescope

  2. mquiroz90 Avatar

    Soon there be …
    Soon there be robotics in space easy than human work the USA is? stepping in the game

  3. AeroSail727 Avatar

    What they do is …
    What they do is build mock ups and then submerge them in what is called a Neutral Buoyancy Tank. Here, microgravity is simulated. I think there is one at NASA Goddard or? nearby at the University of Maryland (not sure). xRabidRacoon is right. The pool is HUGE!!!

  4. m7mds91 Avatar

    what do you mean ” …
    what do you mean ” to the? satellite” ?

  5. rEsonansDx Avatar

    By the way, how do …
    By the way, how do they send the robot to the satellite??

  6. georgH Avatar

    I always thought …
    I always thought something like this shoud be used? to service James Webb telescope, to keep it in the correct position and cooled.

  7. Janette Burke Avatar
    Janette Burke

    It is almost …
    It is almost impossible? to believe the advancement of technology.
    All this going on while we gaze at the screen dunking our cookies in our coffee

  8. rEsonansDx Avatar

    Says? the one who …
    Says? the one who spelled “grammar” incorrectly.

  9. m7mds91 Avatar

    i’m still student …
    i’m still student bro… no one perfect
    we just different … And? the different make you some one … 🙂

  10. m7mds91 Avatar

    thanx my brother …
    thanx my brother blargarph for this info , but i’m not from USA 🙁

    i’m? from Middle East . And there is no warranty 🙁

  11. HeliosWorksAV Avatar

    Extremely cool. …
    Extremely cool. Next – automated construction of modular habitats on the moon. You can have a settlement waiting -? all you need to do is send people.

  12. comander402 Avatar

    hello? I love great …
    hello? I love great video greetings? ok thanks

  13. djinn690 Avatar

    Unfortunately being …
    Unfortunately being an Astronaut isn’t really something you could study for in University yet. NASA simply picks different experts depending on the tests they want performed in the ISS and trains them for their mission. iirc though, NASA gets 3000 applications of qualified people every year for said missions, but they only need? 30 at most. So yeah, unless people could figure out a way of monetizing deep space I can’t see “Astronauts” being in demand anytime soon.

  14. Emanuel Gonçalves Avatar
    Emanuel Gonçalves

    1:41 LOL? WINDOWS XP
    1:41 LOL? WINDOWS XP

  15. blargarph Avatar

    There is a website …
    There is a website called NASAJobs. It is easy to navigate. Go and examine the information there. After this is completed you will be capable of creating? and following your own course of study.

  16. blargarph Avatar

    I do that too. My …
    I do that too. My grandmother relayed the fact once that before bar scanners, checkers had to memorize the pricing of every single item in the store. If that were an option, I think I? would go for that, I’m sure it would be faster that self checkout and way more entertaining.

  17. blargarph Avatar

    Clever. I’m glad …
    Clever. I’m glad you chose to behave in? an antisocial and self important way here on this public forum first, I was about to do just that in response to this easily understandable comment by m7mds91. I will respond to any further posts from you via facial expression, don’t think I’m ignoring them. Good day.

  18. invisiblejaguar1 Avatar

    I think it’s …
    I think it’s becoming a global thing. I live in Britain and when I go to the super market, I get my items? checked out by self serving machines. Crazy thing is that I never even really pay attention to any of the humans that could serve me, because the machines are probably faster.

  19. m7mds91 Avatar

    I studies …
    I studies Mechatronics for 2 years and? no one interest 🙁 i can control any reboot if nasa interest … 🙁 i don’t think that..

  20. Rj Vibishan Avatar
    Rj Vibishan


  21. Raphael Gagne Avatar
    Raphael Gagne

    can u tell me if …
    can u tell me if the msg go to florida QC 450 bounce call? reverse

  22. lmac7633 Avatar

    SpaceX……has to …
    SpaceX……has to do? this

  23. EthanNin0 Avatar

    Windows XP? FTW
    Windows XP? FTW

  24. flipdawg1800 Avatar

    Hey NASA, Can? you …
    Hey NASA, Can? you do a video on what it takes to be an astronaut, like what degrees you need to get and how much training you need?

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