18 thoughts on “A Toy Robot!

  1. AH TOY ROBOT !!!!

    AH TOY ROBOT !!!!
    (junping out the window)
    A Toy Robot ? (LoL)
    Eat led sucker !
    Great !

  2. I thought it said ” …
    I thought it said “Die, you slant eyed ” when I last saw this 15 years ago. Did they change it to politically correct language like they did with the star wars films?

  3. this is probably …
    this is probably the most hillarious thing i ever seen. A TOY ROBOT:)

  4. When I lived in the …
    When I lived in the dorms, we found one of these on eBay.
    We used to randomly crack open someone’s door, put the robot in the room, turn it on, then shout “TOY ROBOT!”.

  5. No problem, hehe …
    No problem, hehe definitely one of the most memorable scenes of random comedy ever!

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