Jenny XJ9 The Teenage Robot

Am I the only one online who had this idea? I’m not sure, but I’ll be first to show the world! (Though I’m not much of a MLaaTR fan)

I do not own the show, song or these pictures.

This is not a Jenny x Brad tribute(even though there are many pictures of them, I chose those because they fit in the song). But if you fans say so, it is a tribute for them in your own opinion, but I know this is a tribute only for Jenny.

Duration : 0:3:17

25 thoughts on “Jenny XJ9 The Teenage Robot

  1. I remeber those …
    I remeber those days too.
    Hehehe….(after this words heards cries
    “I hate you!”,then crahes and clashes,then appears Masterson with barrow full of aquamarine-white scrap)

  2. 3’000’000?!?!?It …
    3’000’000?!?!?It cannot be:in the every day there is ~84720 secons!


  3. yeah i hate this …
    yeah i hate this show to, it isnt even funny, nick toons plays this show like 3000000 times a day. now here come the thumbs down!

  4. well if you love it …
    well if you love it soo much, get the nick toons channel they play this show like 300000000 times a day, im not joking.

  5. why did nic have to …
    why did nic have to remove this show.
    Oh on morings sometimes nicktoons channel show old episodes of teenage robot YAYU!!!

  6. Its too bad they …
    Its too bad they took this cartoon off. It is missed. all the good one are gone. cat dog, mad town with those little surfer kids and the rasta guy that managedged mad town skate park

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