5 thoughts on “NIGHT GALLERY ///// Part 2 “You can’t get help like that anymore”

  1. I loved this video. …
    I loved this video. Night gallery rocks. I loved this episode. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Yeah- that was on …
    Yeah- that was on it but I had to cut out maybe 30 sec to fit the 10min limit. Mostly scenes
    of the drunk guy slobbering over women.
    The 14sec break in the middle is the thumbnail
    catch. There’s no other way to do it.

  3. Was that opening …
    Was that opening track of jazz on the original episode? Cant’ wait for Nov. 11th., release of Season 2!!!

  4. Did’nt recognize …
    Did’nt recognize the birds but i’ll
    say that’s my favorite part of the video.
    I wanted to splice in a scene of somebody
    flying out a window but could’nt find one.

  5. At 7:00, did you …
    At 7:00, did you notice the flute in the soundtrack sounded like cartoon “Knock-on-the-head” birds?

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