Introduction to Robotics Course — Lecture 1

This video is Lecture n of the UNC Charlotte Introduction to Robotics course ECGR4161/5196 and MEGR4127 taught by James Conrad, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The original recording date was May 24, 2012. More information about the Introduction to Robotics course can be found at

The class uses the National Instruments DaNI Robot as the basis of robotics examples.

Duration : 0:43:57

5 thoughts on “Introduction to Robotics Course — Lecture 1

  1. May I ask what “the …
    May I ask what “the book” is? Also what classes (assuming the viewer has
    just graduated high school) would one have to take to be able to fully
    understand everything that is being said here? I heard mention of a
    “precursor” class that most of the students had taken, so a class list
    would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the videos.

  2. Excelent lecture.. …
    Excelent lecture.. Just a question.I want to begin a trainning on robotics,
    but only stationary robots, I mean, welding, painting, palletizing,
    picking, etc. Does your lectures contains the topics I need to start in
    robotics? Regards,

  3. While I concentrate …
    While I concentrate on mobile robots, some concepts (i.e. sensors and
    actuators) are useful for all robotics, even non-mobile ones.

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