Setting Up a Raspberry Pi

How to set up a Raspberry Pi, including case options, download of NOOBS software, formatting and file extraction to SD card, first boot, installation of Raspbian, and installation of Libre Office. Hurrah! 🙂

More information on the Raspberry Pi can be found at:

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20 responses to “Setting Up a Raspberry Pi”

  1. FaZedoesminecraft Avatar

    lol NOOBS software?
    lol NOOBS software?

  2. dablet00 Avatar

    i just got the pi …
    i just got the pi and linux is very intimidating! i was able to install
    xbmc. but now im stuck trying to use it as a security camera. step 7 in
    this link is where im stuck…

    if anyone can help me with the 2 python scripts, that would be great!

  3. Declan Stylofone Avatar
    Declan Stylofone

    You need to program …
    You need to program superciliousness into it to go with the fantastic Orac
    exterior stylings.?

  4. Steve Wheeler Avatar
    Steve Wheeler


  5. Aron Le Baron Avatar
    Aron Le Baron

    Reminds me of the …
    Reminds me of the old zx80 kits from the late 70s. With the clear casing on
    it looks much better though… like the cheapest computer ever designed by
    Jony Ive.?

  6. SatscapeMinecraft Avatar

    Great video, 3.141 …
    Great video, 3.141 thumbs up!
    Just ordered one today.?

  7. realgroovy24 tech Avatar
    realgroovy24 tech

    it being slow is …
    it being slow is because it is loading from a SD card not a standard hard
    drive still its better than my machine! it takes about 4 seconds for libre

  8. Cal M Avatar
    Cal M

    What a funny …
    What a funny looking man!?

  9. 2bdkid100 Avatar

    You could use it as …
    You could use it as a Minecraft server, lower video memory, disable boot to
    desktop, install Java, and use a lightweight version of Craftbukkit called

  10. KarcazeOfficial Avatar

    But can it run …
    But can it run crysis??

  11. dalepres1 Avatar

    As I’ve researched …
    As I’ve researched Arduino, Beagleboard, Raspberry Pi, and others for a
    project, I have watched a lot of videos. I’m an experienced software
    developer and electronics engineer but these videos would be helpful with
    or without my background. These videos are, by far, the best and most
    professional technical videos I have watched.

    The videos are very professional. The speaking rate is just right as is
    focusing on the topic rather than rambling or conversation. This maximizes
    the amount of learning I get for my investment in youtube time. Very well
    done! Thank you.?

  12. 7btocb Avatar

    Wow, this is well …
    Wow, this is well explained. Do you have a tutorial in how to built a
    PiRLP? Thank you!?

  13. sarwar islam Avatar
    sarwar islam

    hi i am a newbie i …
    hi i am a newbie i bought a rpi last week but i have no hdmi supported
    device so i need to use RCA connection i used ligitech K120 keyboard . i
    feed power from a Iphone charger which can provides upto 1 amp . but my
    keyboard doesn’t do any thing and there is nothing in monitor so what can i
    do please help me ..

  14. Charles McCune Avatar
    Charles McCune

    I wonder if I can …
    I wonder if I can use this with Ispy for my security cameras as a stand
    alone security camera monitoring device, and I wonder if I can connect
    a USB HDDR up to it for storage. looks cool as heck.?

  15. Ginissi Avatar

    this guy was one of …
    this guy was one of those choices when The Beatles was formed. ?

  16. Yousef A Avatar
    Yousef A

    My Pi will not …
    My Pi will not reboot after I click finish?

  17. Savannah p Avatar
    Savannah p

    Savannah p
    Savannah p

  18. Mohammed Shannaq Avatar
    Mohammed Shannaq

    Setting Up a …
    Setting Up a Raspberry Pi?

  19. Sabatheus Avatar

    10k Thumbs-up for …
    10k Thumbs-up for the Blake 7 reference!?

  20. Philip Cooper Avatar
    Philip Cooper

    What linux systems …
    What linux systems can it run? How powerful it actually is? I mean in real
    life, I’d like to use it only for email, office, occasional 1080p video and
    music.In the video he says it can be used as a office machine, but he does
    not show any ”work”. What do you think? ALSO: Can the micro USB be used
    to connect the R-pi to a PC? Like when you’ve got android device? Thanks?

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