Autonomous reactive navigation of a mobile robot with PTGs

Reactive navigation of a mobile robot with Parameterized Trajectory Generators (PTGs) enables using simple obstacle avoidance methods on any-shape, kinematically constrained robots. The video has 3 experiments:
PART 1: Our navigation method, using several PTGs simultaneously.
PART 2: Comparison to the “classical” approach (only circular arcs). The navigator performs very poorly in this case in comparison to the previous experiment. The advantages of considering many PTGs for finding collision-free trajectories are clear from these results.
PART 3: Our method (with several PTGs) against dynamic obstacles moved by hand and a person blocking the robot’s way. The robot performs well and eventually succeeds in reaching the target.

See also the related video:

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Duration : 0:6:23

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  1. great projects!! …
    great projects!! what tools you use for the GUI?is it matlab or vB 6.0?the navigaion path looks smooth and well control and robustness.

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