19 thoughts on “Lego Digital Design Robot

  1. holy cow! i bet you …
    holy cow! i bet you worked your of for this one. it’s not the easiest CAD. i had lots of trouble embling complex structures. congrats

  2. omggggggg thats so …
    omggggggg thats so sick plz tutorial i’ll do anything for tutorial!!!!!!!!! Thats so BadAsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dude that’s insane! …
    Dude that’s insane!!! How long did it take to make that? How did you record this?

  4. dosent that suck u …
    dosent that suck u puck all that time into that masterpeace
    i did some thing like that and the next week i destoyed it
    dont u think u sould get payed
    its realy cool

  5. That’s so cool, I …
    That’s so cool, I tried to download this program which doesn’t work on my computer. I can make awesome creations like that too, Lego Digital Designer is so cool!!!
    …infinite legos =)

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