This is a testvideo of the AUDI RSQ from the movie I-Robot made from Lego. As you can see it doesn’t work very well. back to the drawingboard!!!

Duration : 0:0:54

8 thoughts on “LEGO AUDI RSQ (I-Robot)

  1. It’s too bad you …
    It’s too bad you cancelled the project. You actually came up with the same drive principle that the Berkeley Robotics lab came up with. Bravo! I came up with something similar, but no working model yet…

  2. I’ve placed a link …
    I’ve placed a link to the picture galary where you can see the details.

  3. This is the best …
    This is the best video I made out off 5. I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I had to make alot of modifications to make it work and in the end it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. It was already to heavy and I hadn’t started working om the body yet. So I canceled this project.
    Alot of people told me to go on or to take it to the meeting on september 7th. But I lost intereset.
    Thankt for you comment. Barry

  4. Wow thats great but …
    Wow thats great but why did u put the pictures in failed project? LOLz VERY NICE!!
    Great job!!


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