26 thoughts on “Female Robot Sex Toys

  1. Whatever. If you …
    Whatever. If you dislike it, don’t watch it again, you’re just promoting your lack of a brain. It’s simple, if you don’t like something, don’t come back for more.

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  3. hey if you program …
    hey if you program a robot to understand when to and when not to have sex then whats the point on even wanting to buy an android anyway? just go human! =)

  4. Leah DiZon Bi Ong …
    Leah DiZon Bi Ong Bau Hiep Ne
    Vao`Xem ::.. Leah . 6x . to <<
    h0k? Hay Hok Post

  5. hahahahahaha i like …
    hahahahahaha i like the speak and spell in the wheel chair comment oh that was ing great

  6. what the
    ok …

    what the
    ok this is for like the 40 year old vigins out there that cant get anybody haha

  7. The Young Turds is …
    The Young Turds is more like it, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just stop, please. Your as funny as Kathy Griffin or Carlos Mencia, who aren’t funny at all.

  8. idiots, the fembot …
    idiots, the fembot was created to talk to others, not for sexual pleasure, though the created did say it could be tweeked.

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