Ultimate Wall-E Robot Toy Debut at Maker Faire 2008

The Ultimate Wall-E robot toy debuted at Maker Faire 2008 on May 3-4 at the San Mateo Fairgrounds.

In the video, Wall-E first moves around looking for people to talk to. Then he plays some music and dances. Finally (in the dark portion of the video), he calls out for his friend Eva when he sees someone wearing a white shirt.

From Disney’s press release:

“Ultimate WALL·E features 10 motors, giving it a high level of movement and animation. The remote control makes it easy for kids to program WALL·E’s movements. An innovative touch programming system lets kids direct WALL·E simply by making patterns on the remote’s touch pad. With voice activation and a follow-me mode, WALL·E can follow the sound of a human voice and detect someone entering a room. He also has several emotional states and an easy system for programming thousands of combinations of movements with the remote. Numerous sensors allow him to detect and respond to his environment, including infrared sensors that allow him to detect obstacles and steer around them, sonic ears that detect sound direction, and touch sensors. Also MP3 compatible and features built-in speakers.”
It’ll be available in late September for about $189.99.

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Duration : 0:1:28

25 thoughts on “Ultimate Wall-E Robot Toy Debut at Maker Faire 2008

  1. or maybe have her …
    or maybe have her on a clear plastic stand and have wheels on the bottom of the stand lide they do with the other eve toys?

  2. In the description …
    In the description its Eve not Eva, its just the way he says it. He’s so cutee! I hate it when people try and go wallll-eee

  3. you can get one at …
    you can get one at at the toys r us website, just type in Disney Pixar’s U-Command Wall-E in the seach bar. im not sure if it is the same exact one as it is in the video, but it looks pretty similar.

  4. If you looked into …
    If you looked into it, smart . Either is perfectly fine. To be honest, Id rather someone use ‘-‘ or ‘•’. I don’t mind. But it’s the people who go “Wall.e”. <-wtf right..

  5. You know, I think …
    You know, I think the u-command wall-e is just as good as this to be honest. I don’t really see what the difference is, other than the ultimate wall-e is alot bigger and costs alot more.

  6. i love how people …
    i love how people say it as EVA even though its EVE, just because walle goes up at the end when he says it.

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