An Approach to Flocking of Robots Using Minimal Local Sensing and Common Orientation

A new algorithm for the control of robot flocking is presented. Flocks of mobile robots are created by the use of local control rules in a fully distributed way, using just local information from simple infra-red sensors and global heading information on each robot. Experiments were done to test the algorithm, yielding results in which robots behaved as expected, moving at a reasonable velocity and in a cohesive way. Up to seven robots were used in real experiments and up to fifty in simulation.

[ I. Navarro, A. Gutierrez, F. Matia, and F. Monasterio-Huelin, β€œAn
approach to ?ocking of robots using minimal local sensing and
common orientation,” in Hybrid Arti?cial Intelligent Systems: 3th
International Workshop, HAIS2008(E. Corchado, A. Abraham, and
W. Pedrycz, eds.), vol. 5271of LectureNotesinArti?cial Intelligence
(LNAI), pp. 616–624, Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 2008.]

Duration : 0:1:0

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