Modular Snake Robots

Snake robots can use their many internal degrees of freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes and access locations that people and machinery otherwise cannot. These highly articulated devices can coordinate their internal degrees of freedom to perform a variety of locomotive gaits that go beyond the capabilities of conventional wheeled and legged robots. The true power of these devices is their versatility; they can crawl, climb, swim, and scale flights of stairs.

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25 thoughts on “Modular Snake Robots

  1. meant the joints …
    meant the joints and rotation, not all the actual electronics: several rotating cylinders with joints in between
    sry for the confusion,it’s nothihng 🙂

  2. @ jedi

    um, this is …
    @ jedi

    um, this is college-level research

    legos probably wouldn’t cut-it lol

  3. to put it simply, …
    to put it simply, the basic way how the thing moves is not the most difficult thing to understand. It’s a bunch of rollers connected with movable joints. You could build a non-robotic 1 using lego joints and pieces.

    DEFFINATLY NOT FAKE. ITS FRIGGIN 2009 guys! And we already have all sorts of like this!

  5. Shows what you know …
    Shows what you know. I don’t know why you would think its fake. If you do some research on Biorobotics you will understand that this kind of bot is not that hard to build. Bots like this and other like the QRIO, or even the robotic fish you see on here are 100% real. Real not because I say so but because they have plenty of evidence that they are. I’m sick of people labeling things fake when they are obviously real.

  6. the thing swimming …
    the thing swimming in water? are you joking only IDIOTS THINK ITS REAL

  7. after i saw the one …
    after i saw the one creeping up the guys leg, I know the future is safe

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