16 thoughts on “strenco tin robot live steamrobot steampunk

  1. Wow, $500? What.. …
    Wow, $500? What.. Is there like a finished steam powered Babbage analytical engine in there that controls the robot? you know actually if it had that, I would TOTALLY buy it.

  2. very encouraging, …
    very encouraging, but needs work on the walking mechanism. wouldn’t be able to catch intruders in current state. ; )

  3. You robo-perv.

    You robo-perv.
    Haha. Sorry, but the idea of a “naked” robot seemed too sexual.
    And robot indecency is something I cannot allow!

  4. What is this …
    What is this fuelled on – paraffin or similar?
    It is a cool idea – kind of interesting to think what you could do with it.

  5. felicitations! …
    felicitations! really great (I would like to see him “naked” to have a look inside)

  6. Very impressive and …
    Very impressive and unique, congratulations on getting this project up and running.

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