25 thoughts on “Real Transformer

  1. lol, i wasn’t …
    lol, i wasn’t worried about you “stealing my spotlight”, i just thought i would mention it cos we both said the same thing. yeah great minds definately do think alike :).

  2. Oh , U Did.

    Oh , U Did.
    Soz If I Stole Ur Spotlight.
    I Didnt Even Read Yours, Looks Like Great Minds Think Alike

  3. At 0:04 The Guy …
    At 0:04 The Guy Says Suck Your Balls Off.
    Dont Believe Me, Listen

  4. Canadians are …
    Canadians are nothing like Americans….
    Canadians believe in peace making lol

  5. ? oh, LOL! it still …
    ? oh, LOL! it still sounds like suck your balls off though, hehe 🙂

  6. O’geez, I hope u …
    O’geez, I hope u werent like attackin me cuz i was so just defending asians of all kind…
    besides i noe that not all asians are the same, not every american is dumb as

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