Where can a get a cool robot kit?

Try http://www.mrrobot.com/
for all kinds of robot kits from different manufacturers.

You can also download free robot manuals from:


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  1. Go to lego.com there these cool robots that u can control by ur blue tooth phone its called MIND STATION
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  2. The following is the awesome robot kit from LEGO.
    They have the best of the bests.

    With this kit, you will receive a free jump drive to transfer data between the kit and the computer.

    It is also blue tooth and off course USB support which is absolutely an awesome feature of the new technology.

    Absolutely free shipping. No extra money for shipping. It is FREE.
    Absolutely worth the buy. You can even pass it down to your children when you grow up. 🙂

    Click on this link to see it for yourself.


    I hope this kit give you a lot of fun and smart.

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  3. This site sells a number of robotics kits for kids age 10 up through adults:


    Bought the OWI 4 in 1 robot kit from them for my college-age son a couple of years ago and he loved it. Good service, shipping, etc…good luck!
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    personal experience

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