Hello Kitty Robot Sings!

Hello Kitty never says a word – she doesn’t even have a mouth. But, that wouldn’t work for a o Kitty robot that’s designed to do a lot of things, including sing songs.

So, the robot designers gave o Kitty a voice, and programmed her to recognize your voice, ask you questions, and respond to your commands and comments. We had the opportunity to observe the o Kitty robot up close on Saturday, and took this short video clip.

Duration : 0:1:18

[youtube LhcTuuAQeig]

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Robot Sings!

  1. I want that one …
    I want that one badly! But in sweden where i live it cost more than 600 dollars(more than 60.000 swedish kronor)and that is so bad for me, going to take ages to get those money.

  2. *dies of so much …
    *dies of so much cuteness* oh god! it’s so kawaii! x3 i want 1

  3. the scanrio (or …
    the scanrio (or however you spell it.) website says o kitty doesnt have a mouth because she speaks from her heart. i thought it was cute 😀

  4. in 1505 a woman was …
    in 1505 a woman was hunted down and killed by an evil clown.now that you have read this,that same clown will? be sitting next to your bed with a machete and red,evil glowing eyes when you wake up,unless you post this to 10 other videos in 1 hour of reading this.hurrey up.

  5. omg I WANT THAT SO …
    omg I WANT THAT SO BAD! even though i dont speak japaneise i still want it!!!!!

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