RuBot II – The Rubik’s cube solving robot.
Read this before you comment! This is the new version of RuBot by Pete Redmond from Dublin, Ireland. It’s very different to the prototype but it has to be the coolest looking robot solver ever. RuBot II set a new Guinness world Record in Jan 2009. Check out the other videos and the faq at There are cameras in the eyes of the head that scan the cube before the pneumatic arms solve it. It usually solves the Cube in about 35 seconds (not including the scan) no matter how much it is mixed up.
The solving algorithm is taken care of by Herbert Kociemba’s Cube Explorer software and usually solves the cube in a maximum of about 20 moves. In this video, the cube wasn’t mixed up too hard so RuBot was able to find the optimum solution.
Thanks to all of those who think it is too good to be true. That is a real compliment! If you still don’t believe it, Look at the other RuBot videos – they have better scrambles. Or better still, call in on one of RuBot’s live demonstrations. By the way, that’s my daughter in the clip with RuBot. She was just starting to grow her hair long so it does look a little odd. You should see her now.

Duration : 0:1:50

25 thoughts on “RuBot II – The Rubik’s cube solving robot.

  1. lol, “i think that …
    lol, “i think that deservs a good rating on yewtewb” it sounded funny

  2. Woah. Anyone who …
    Woah. Anyone who think the robot is awesome as a character should watch “Alan” by David Firth.

  3. I’m pretty sure …
    I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the point.

    Pretty sure that the point was to show that the robot had at least a small AI built into it.

  4. Robots these days …
    Robots these days have totally lost touch with their roots. It’s like they’re only in it for the glory. When I was a kid, if you told a robot to solve a rubiks cube it would just do it because that’s what it was programmed to do. They don’t deserve the sort of celebrity treatment they demand, nor do they even possess the emotional faculties necessary to appreciate the kind words of an onlooker–fucking senseless. Personally, I blame the parents.

  5. that will explain …
    that will explain why that doesnt tell us how to make it basically plz this video iw ould put excellent but next time explain it or i would put poor explain did you make that?

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