“Out at the Pictures” by Hot Chip Music Video

Music video for Hot Chip’s song “Out at the Pictures” from their 2008 album, “Made in the Dark.”

Directed by KittKat for SketchyTown.com. Student produced at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Shot on a Canon XL2.

Lindsay Loesel
Relavent Herumin
Bobbi McRae
Marc Fajardo
Corina Boettger
Josh Horton

Duration : 0:6:58

16 thoughts on ““Out at the Pictures” by Hot Chip Music Video

  1. Great, now we’re …
    Great, now we’re gonna ahve a stalker stereotype pinned on us now? -.-

  2. What a fun and …
    What a fun and awesome video! Goes well with the song and brings out the kid in you!

  3. Actually the whole …
    Actually the whole thing was great, I’m just Corina’s mom and a little biased.

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