Vintage TN Nomura Ishi Zoomer Wind-up Sparking Robot Toy Presenting a vintage the T.N. Nomura sparking wind-up toy robot Zoomer. This toy is blue with burgandy feet and black hands. When lightly wound, it would walk. It is supposed to shoot sparks out of the chest but I’m uming the flint is worn down. The inside of the left leg has both the Ishi logo (swan with a circle) and the Numura logo (TN) along with the words Japan and George G. Wagner. Paint is in great shape with only very light scratches.

Measures a full 8″ inches tall, 11″ inches with the antenna extended.

Duration : 0:1:21

5 thoughts on “Vintage TN Nomura Ishi Zoomer Wind-up Sparking Robot Toy

  1. Cool…. I wish …
    Cool…. I wish they made an inexpensive robot that you could buy an army of, like plastic army men, but were big enough for good detail.

  2. Okay, but can we …
    Okay, but can we have Chesley Bonestell art in the background with some Van Cleave music from “Conquest of Space” or something??? GREAT!!!

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