Illah Nourbakhsh Lecture: Ethics in Robotics

Are there types of robots that shouldn’t be created? Should we use robots in military combat? Or is there actually nothing to worry about? Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute professor Illah Nourbakhsh addresses issues raised by recent book Wired for War by P.W. Singer and gives his personal take on ethics and robotics.

Duration : 0:41:35

[youtube giKT8PkCCv4]

6 thoughts on “Illah Nourbakhsh Lecture: Ethics in Robotics

  1. Well thought out …
    Well thought out and presented. Please do a followup with the questions from your audience and from the comments. I really like how your gigapan project extends from your desire to create human sharing via robitics. How can we license technology for only “good”?

  2. Robotics at CM I …
    Robotics at CM I see is about enhancing human welfare and the environment instead of building esteem and profits. Your clip from Fail-Safe on who is at fault when in a mistakes and finding responsibility really hit home as a public school teacher. The reflections on the need to think, to select action and inaction, I believe, is a key to education reform. Dialog about your hanging question is what I would like to know more about and questions from your audience. Please do a follow up video.

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