Line Rider – Robots (with weird asian song)

please read!!!

crazy line rider w/ pictures of robots with a cool and weird asian robot song
I, MIKE, drew all the robots
PS i know the ride is extremely boring and i am sorry for that. but the weird asian robot music kinda livens it up!

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Update: OK a link to the song is in an anotation at the end, because tons of people are asking me what the song is called. Just click on the link. also comment, even if you don’t like it.

Duration : 0:1:11

[youtube NYe-qpOgVK4]

22 thoughts on “Line Rider – Robots (with weird asian song)

  1. I’m just wondering, …
    I’m just wondering, where’d you find this song?

  2. well it depends… …
    well it depends… if you are russian. then no. i am calling you half asian.

  3. true, but russia is …
    true, but russia is in both contenents of asia and europe, making this song half asian.

  4. why thank you this …
    why thank you this time, MIKE did this line (did i mention that?) anywho, thats a really good question…

  5. awesome yo i was …
    awesome yo i was wonderin how can u post vids in high quality but real nice pics

  6. True, but Russia …
    True, but Russia DOES cover both Europe and Asia…so I guess it is half Asian.

  7. nice vid love tha …
    nice vid love tha songs oh ya its not asian its russian!!!!

  8. the song is called …
    the song is called “I AM A ROBOT-SONG ”
    and thanks!

  9. Nice song!!!

    Nice song!!!
    What’s it called? And by who?
    Oh, and nice vid xD

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