OMG Unidentified robot kit in home (PICTURE)?

Please help me to identify the name of this robot set.

Unknown Robot Kit

-What is the name?

-Where can buy another set now?

-What brand is it?

Thanks so much guys I really appreciate your help!
It is not lego or duplo.

I have that one too it's so much fun! The kit is called "ROBOTIX" and you can find these sets at most educational toy stores and muesuem gift shops, or online.

Here is a manuel:

You can buy more sets here:

Hope that I helped!

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  1. With only those peices its hard to indentify the actual set, but they are parts to a Robotix set. Upon their intitial release in the 1980's there were several kits that resembled dinosaurs, and a cartoon series on TV. They dissapeared after a while only to re-emerge as generic futuristic robot and vehicle kits. You can find these kits at most educational toy stores or some muesuem shops, and plently on Ebay. I beleive they were originally made by Milton Bradley, but I think somone else picked up the line and is manufacturing them now.
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